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Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to Fix Your Connection is Not Secure in Your Browser | Mytutorialku

How to Fix Your Connection is Not Secure in Your Browser

Almost every one in this world now need internet connection, and almost all of them have their own internet connection in their home, school, in the office or maybe in your friend house. People usually use his/her smartphone browser to surfing internet because smartphone is easy to use. And there are a lot of people that using internet connection for surfing in desktop is better than in smartphone. For Desktop users, they usually use Mozila Firefox and Google Chrome for surfing in the internet.

Sometimes when we want to use internet connection,  there are a lot of problem such as when we use Mozila Firefox for browsing, the page don’t want top open, and it says “Your Connection is Not Secure”. This is one of a lot of problem that could happen when you’re surfing in internet.

Now I want to explain to you how to fix “Your Connection is Not Secure”. There are 3 different reason why this problem happen. And how to fix that problem :

1. Your date and time Setting is not correct

When you turn off your PC/Desktop, and then you turn it on, sometimes, date and time setting is not updated. So if you see this problem “Your Connection is Not Secure”, the first thing you need to do is check your date and format and make sure the time setting is correct and update. You can check it in Timeanddate online or you can edit it manual and set your date and time into automatic.

2. There are to many browser cache.

If the first step is not working, you can use this step. You can clear your browser cache. For example, here I’m using firefox browser. First go to menu in the right top corner, click and select options. And go to advanced tab and select network and see Cached web network, and click clear now.

Or you can use shortcut button, you just need to press CTRL + Shift + DEL together, and select all time, and only tick for Cache and click clear now.

3. Your browser need to update

If step one and two is not working too, maybe it’s because your browser need to update. You just have to go to official web page like and get the newer version or update it from your browser.

Okay. That’s the easiest way to fix “Your Connection is not secure”. I hope this tutorial can help you for solving this problem. If you want to ask some question, leave it in comment below. I’ll try to help answering your question. Thank’s and keep following this blog for another tutorial.

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