Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Easiest Ways How to Delete Twitter Account | Mytutorialku

The Easiest Ways How to Delete Twitter Account

Twitter is a social media that have many users from all of the world. Twitter commonly used for updating what do you feel, updating status, tweeting with your friend, complain about something, even tweeting about love in twitter and many more. There are a lot of people use twitter not only for their personal account, but also for promoting their bussiness too. And twitter now has become one of the most people wasting time into.

And now, there are a lot of people too that want to delete their twitter account. Deleting twitter account will remove all of your status, photos, video, follower, following and everything that you have in your twitter account. People want to do this because there is a reason either due to stop playing twitter or anything. Everyone has their own reason. And now I would like to tell you how to delete your twitter account easily. You can delete your twitter account within 5 minutes. Check the tutorial below.

How To Delete Your Twitter Account

  • Of course the first thing that you need to do is login into your twitter account
  • And then, go to Account settings and privacy, and after that, make sure that you are in Account tab, and scroll down to section deactive my account.

  • And after that, click deactive my account

  • After you click on deactive my account, you will redirected to deactivation page. And you just have to click on “Deactive @your_twitter_username”.

  • After that, you will be asked for inputing your password. Type your password, and after that, click on deactive account.
  • Okay, you ‘ve done deleting your twitter account. But you still can reactive your account if you change your mind for deleting your twitter account in 30 days... check the image below
    Thats an example how to delete my twitter account. It’s really easy deleting twitter account. You need to know if 30 days waiting time is over, you can't restore your twitter account again. Please you have to understand what you're going to do. If there’s a part that you don’t understand, feel free to comment and ask for the solution in comment section below. I’ll try to help solving your problem.

I hope you success deleting your twitter account. And thanks for visiting my page. See you in my next tips and trick, don't forget to subscribe to my website for another easy tutorial, tips and trick.