Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fast Method How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently or Temporary | Mytutorialku

Fast Method How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently or Temporary

Hello there... Welcome back with my another tutorial. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to delete instagram account permanently or temporary. First, let me discuss about Instagram. Instagram is one of the best social media based on photo/video post. Now, almost everyone have their own Instagram account. They use Instagram for sharing their daily life, photo capture, video capture, selfie photo, photo with friends,  food, and many more. And in Instagram, you can also taking picture in some place, and add the location of that place to your photo and let anyone know where that place located in.

Instagram now have new fitur called Insta Stories (Instagram Stories) and Instagram Live. Insta stories can let you share anything like foto and video but only saved in Instagram for 24 hours. After that, your Insta Stories will be deleted permanently, and no one can see it anymore. And the other one is Instagram Live. Here you can share your live activity in Instagram and anyone can watch it live. Instagram not only for personal use, but also for bussiness use. There are so many people out there that using instagram for their income.

But, There are a lot of people doing wrong in Instagram like sharing something that should no be shared to anyone else, and so that people get bullied by his follower and become viral. So that one want to delete Instagram account permanently or temporary to make everyone stop buillied him/her. There are 2 different ways deleting instagram account. You can delete instagram account permanently or you can delete instagram account temporary

This is How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently :

  1. Of course the first thing you have to do is login to your Instagram account. Deleting Instagram account can only use in Instagram website and can’t do that in Instagram APP.

  2. After you login to Instagram account via web browser, go to this link Delete Instagram Account.

  3. And select the reason why you delete your instagram account, and input your password. Before that, make sure that you know what you’re going to do, because once you've clicked Permanently delete my account, your account will deleted right that time.  If it's okay, so click “Permanently delete my account”

  4. After you click that, your Instagram account removed shortly. And you can tray to login with your account. It can’t login anymore.

This is How to Delete Instagram Account Temporary :

  1. Make sure you’ve login to your Instagram account. After that, go to your profile page, and click edit profile.

  2. Sroll down and you’ll find “Temporary disable my account”. You just have to click it.. and it’s all done

That's it. thanks for visiting my website. I hope this might be helpful for you. If there is one of that step that you don't understand, Feel free to ask in the comment section below. I'll try to help answering your question. See you in my next tutorial.