Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fast Method How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently or Temporary | Mytutorialku

Fast Method How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently or Temporary

Hello there... Welcome back with my another tutorial. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to delete instagram account permanently or temporary. First, let me discuss about Instagram. Instagram is one of the best social media based on photo/video post. Now, almost everyone have their own Instagram account. They use Instagram for sharing their daily life, photo capture, video capture, selfie photo, photo with friends,  food, and many more. And in Instagram, you can also taking picture in some place, and add the location of that place to your photo and let anyone know where that place located in.

Instagram now have new fitur called Insta Stories (Instagram Stories) and Instagram Live. Insta stories can let you share anything like foto and video but only saved in Instagram for 24 hours. After that, your Insta Stories will be deleted permanently, and no one can see it anymore. And the other one is Instagram Live. Here you can share your live activity in Instagram and anyone can watch it live. Instagram not only for personal use, but also for bussiness use. There are so many people out there that using instagram for their income.

But, There are a lot of people doing wrong in Instagram like sharing something that should no be shared to anyone else, and so that people get bullied by his follower and become viral. So that one want to delete Instagram account permanently or temporary to make everyone stop buillied him/her. There are 2 different ways deleting instagram account. You can delete instagram account permanently or you can delete instagram account temporary

This is How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently :

  1. Of course the first thing you have to do is login to your Instagram account. Deleting Instagram account can only use in Instagram website and can’t do that in Instagram APP.

  2. After you login to Instagram account via web browser, go to this link Delete Instagram Account.

  3. And select the reason why you delete your instagram account, and input your password. Before that, make sure that you know what you’re going to do, because once you've clicked Permanently delete my account, your account will deleted right that time.  If it's okay, so click “Permanently delete my account”

  4. After you click that, your Instagram account removed shortly. And you can tray to login with your account. It can’t login anymore.

This is How to Delete Instagram Account Temporary :

  1. Make sure you’ve login to your Instagram account. After that, go to your profile page, and click edit profile.

  2. Sroll down and you’ll find “Temporary disable my account”. You just have to click it.. and it’s all done

That's it. thanks for visiting my website. I hope this might be helpful for you. If there is one of that step that you don't understand, Feel free to ask in the comment section below. I'll try to help answering your question. See you in my next tutorial.
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

How to Fix Your Connection is Not Secure in Your Browser | Mytutorialku

How to Fix Your Connection is Not Secure in Your Browser

Almost every one in this world now need internet connection, and almost all of them have their own internet connection in their home, school, in the office or maybe in your friend house. People usually use his/her smartphone browser to surfing internet because smartphone is easy to use. And there are a lot of people that using internet connection for surfing in desktop is better than in smartphone. For Desktop users, they usually use Mozila Firefox and Google Chrome for surfing in the internet.

Sometimes when we want to use internet connection,  there are a lot of problem such as when we use Mozila Firefox for browsing, the page don’t want top open, and it says “Your Connection is Not Secure”. This is one of a lot of problem that could happen when you’re surfing in internet.

Now I want to explain to you how to fix “Your Connection is Not Secure”. There are 3 different reason why this problem happen. And how to fix that problem :

1. Your date and time Setting is not correct

When you turn off your PC/Desktop, and then you turn it on, sometimes, date and time setting is not updated. So if you see this problem “Your Connection is Not Secure”, the first thing you need to do is check your date and format and make sure the time setting is correct and update. You can check it in Timeanddate online or you can edit it manual and set your date and time into automatic.

2. There are to many browser cache.

If the first step is not working, you can use this step. You can clear your browser cache. For example, here I’m using firefox browser. First go to menu in the right top corner, click and select options. And go to advanced tab and select network and see Cached web network, and click clear now.

Or you can use shortcut button, you just need to press CTRL + Shift + DEL together, and select all time, and only tick for Cache and click clear now.

3. Your browser need to update

If step one and two is not working too, maybe it’s because your browser need to update. You just have to go to official web page like mozilla.org and get the newer version or update it from your browser.

Okay. That’s the easiest way to fix “Your Connection is not secure”. I hope this tutorial can help you for solving this problem. If you want to ask some question, leave it in comment below. I’ll try to help answering your question. Thank’s and keep following this blog for another tutorial.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Easiest Ways How to Delete Twitter Account | Mytutorialku

The Easiest Ways How to Delete Twitter Account

Twitter is a social media that have many users from all of the world. Twitter commonly used for updating what do you feel, updating status, tweeting with your friend, complain about something, even tweeting about love in twitter and many more. There are a lot of people use twitter not only for their personal account, but also for promoting their bussiness too. And twitter now has become one of the most people wasting time into.

And now, there are a lot of people too that want to delete their twitter account. Deleting twitter account will remove all of your status, photos, video, follower, following and everything that you have in your twitter account. People want to do this because there is a reason either due to stop playing twitter or anything. Everyone has their own reason. And now I would like to tell you how to delete your twitter account easily. You can delete your twitter account within 5 minutes. Check the tutorial below.

How To Delete Your Twitter Account

  • Of course the first thing that you need to do is login into your twitter account
  • And then, go to Account settings and privacy, and after that, make sure that you are in Account tab, and scroll down to section deactive my account.

  • And after that, click deactive my account

  • After you click on deactive my account, you will redirected to deactivation page. And you just have to click on “Deactive @your_twitter_username”.

  • After that, you will be asked for inputing your password. Type your password, and after that, click on deactive account.
  • Okay, you ‘ve done deleting your twitter account. But you still can reactive your account if you change your mind for deleting your twitter account in 30 days... check the image below
    Thats an example how to delete my twitter account. It’s really easy deleting twitter account. You need to know if 30 days waiting time is over, you can't restore your twitter account again. Please you have to understand what you're going to do. If there’s a part that you don’t understand, feel free to comment and ask for the solution in comment section below. I’ll try to help solving your problem.

I hope you success deleting your twitter account. And thanks for visiting my page. See you in my next tips and trick, don't forget to subscribe to my website for another easy tutorial, tips and trick.

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